We follow four core areas of the Montessori method

Exercises of Practical Life ( EPL)

Children hone motor skills; develop excellent hand- eye coordination and concentration through simple activities of daily life- folding a napkin, dusting, cleaning, sorting and similar activities.


Special materials, unique to the Montessori method, stimulate and refine all the senses. Children are then able to differentiate between dimensions, sizes, shapes and colours, helping them rapidly develop problem solving skills.


Children are taught a unique, phonetic approach to language learning. Besides refining writing skills, they build vocabulary, articulate expressively and develop a lasting love for reading.


Aided by materials, children quickly progress from concrete to abstract concepts. They associate symbols with quantities, recognize odd and even numbers, understand the concept of zero, the decimal system and the four basic operations in math.

We also have a broad based, cultural curriculum encompassing Botany, Zoology, Physical Science and Geography.

Why Choose Us

At Prathama Montessori, we follow the Montessori methodology of teaching, which is a hands-on approach that emphasizes experiential learning.

Our classrooms are designed to allow easy and unrestricted access to materials, ensuring that students can engage in self-directed learning at their own pace.

We use standardized Montessori materials to provide a structured and consistent learning experience, and our teachers are Montessori trained to guide and support each student's individual learning journey.

In addition, our school has a large play area that children can enjoy, providing a balance between learning and playtime.


Ms.Mithu Warrier

My daughter went to this school. One of the best pre-schools. I feel lucky to have been associated with this school. Good and kind staff. Teachers also get involved with the children and give individual attention. Management is also very understanding and kind. You will definitely not regret for sending your child here. Regards, Amrita.

Ms.Rose Scaria

My first born's first school. It was a chance choice and the best one ever. The teachers are the school. Their love and attention just put us parents at ease. Thank you Prathama, wishing you all the best in your new location. Parents around here, count yourselves lucky!


Sending our son, Rishab to Prarhama Montessori was one of the best decisions we have made. The care and nurturing with which he was taught has continued to help him Even today. He is now in grade 5 and continues to benefit because of this strong foundation in his early schooling years. Can’t thank Veena and Anu enough for making him the confident and outgoing kid he is today.

Ms. Prerna S Mannan

Prathama Montessori was my child’s first experience of a learning space. He was also amongst the first batches of this school. I have always considered myself lucky to have spotted Prathama for my child‘s initiation into education. - The school with its most caring and well trained faculty and a child friendly hands-on curriculum ensured that the students enjoyed the process of learning. -The best part of this journey was the teacher student relationship which I missed for my child when I moved to another city. -A big shout out to Ms Veena and Ms Anu for creating such a socially and emotionally safe space for children to learn. As parents we have very fond memories of the experiences at Prathama Montessori school. Every child must start with an education of this kind. Wishing them best !

Ms. Geethanjali

I strongly recommend the school Prathama Montessori to every parent because it is the best place for tiny tots to start their academic journey. I have 2 kids. They both studied 3 years there itself. I have observed a lot of improvements in learning & behavior of my kids. I appreciate the individual care and attention provided to each child, which makes them feel more comfortable & happy. The teachers are very friendly and helpful.

Mr. sandeep reddy

Both my kids went to Prathama Montessori. Passionate founders, who understand that every child is different and need close attention in early days. So that foundation is strong for the child. Phonics concepts, art , playing with words/numbers my kids did in the school is really helping them. I miss that in the regular schools, I am looking forward for Prathama to start a school so that I can send my kids back to Prathama.



With an MPhil in clinical psychology ,Veena's fascination with the uniqueness of the Montessori pedagogy led her into the field of early childhood education. She has been a dedicated preschool educator for over 15 years .


With an inherent love for children and teaching in equal measure, Anupama put both qualities to good use in her fifteen years of teaching Montessori. She has a background in science and arts.


Anup is closely involved with the education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. An engineer with several years of service in the corporate sector, he holds the education of underprivileged girl children very close to his heart.


An architect by profession, she found herself drawn to the subject of early childhood development, Montessori education and activity based learning for the holistic education of little children.


        Prathama Montessori also offers an after school day care and activity centre.

        Due to the covid situation we have been conducting classes online. Please do contact us on 9845084683/9980644765 for details.